Experience and expertise acquired over many years in the conservation and management of cultural, documentary and archive heritage led us to provide value-added services through the integration of the most innovative technologies.

Heritage Digitalization

We specialize in digitalizing valuable documents and materials using specially designed technologies, making use of our long-standing consolidated experience on international projects. In particular, we have qualified skills in processing ancient texts, cinquecentine (sixteenth-century editions), manuscripts, scrolls and other assets belonging to the archival and book heritage. We can provide for high-resolution digitalization, management of metadata, indexing and publication on the web.


We design the digitalization of entire archives/libraries by preparing the electronic formats for the Fast Data Ingestion phase on our Omnes platform.


Success case:

We have been collaborating for a long time with the Vatican Apostolic Library in an impressive project of digitalizing over 80,000 manuscripts from all over the world. We are digitalizing thousands of ancient texts using latest generation technologies (planetary photographic equipment, tilting planes, pressure controlled crystals, controlled lighting and specific software). The project, developed jointly with the Library, provides for the use of the FITS format for the preservation of digital images. The definition of the metadata to be adopted regarding the preservation of long-term digital contents involved the design of an archive that registers this information according to the PREMIS (PREservation Metadata Implementation Strategies) Standard.

Library RFID Services

We can provide all the services necessary for the implementation of an RFID system (radiofrequency system) for the control and tracking of books within a library.


The use of our RFID solutions allows remote identification of volumes, total control of cultural heritage, guaranteeing safety and traceability over time.


We can provide for the supply, customization and programming of RFID tags and access badges and interfacing with the catalog in use. We provide professional support for the design of library traceability RFID systems such as assisted borrowing stations, automated borrowing stations, solutions for disabled people, control gates, anti-shoplifting systems, audible and visual alarms.


Our RFID systems can be integrated with the videos recorded by the surveillance cameras that will be intelligently associated with the transit events of objects (e.g. books or people) registered by the gates and RFID stations.


Success case:

Vatican Apostolic Library

Library of the Federico II University of Naples

RFID Assets Inventory

We can identify and track all company assets using special RFID tags. Our service makes use of specially designed and customizable applications able to meet any customer requirement.


With these specific technologies, our staff is able to carry out the initial inventory of goods and provide periodic updating of inventories over time. Our RFID solutions allow you to “detect in a few seconds all the labeled objects” contained within a room.


What is detected locally is controlled by a centralized application and sent to the client’s legacy systems. An integrative system verifies and controls administrative aspects providing a complete picture of the assets registered in relation to the company assets.

Archive Management

All our solutions can be integrated with archive management services through a package of services able to respond to all the critical issues detectable in Entities and undertakings.


Our solution provides 360-degree customer support and guarantees effective and qualified interventions: Preservation of documentation in specially designed facilities, Computerized indexing of archives, Initial transfer of archives, Periodic collection of documentation from offices, Control and Codification of the documentation entrusted, Search for documents on demand, Transmission of original documents or copies thereof, IT registration of the movements operated in the archive, Periodic scrap and waste.


It is possible to add specific supplementary services to such basic ones: Customizing services using RFID technologies, Digitalizing documentation, Replacing paper processes by using workflow engines, Managing Mail Boxes on behalf of clients, Integration with the Omnes platform, etc..